Wednesday, January 4, 2012

good dog

This is Ernie, our Bichon-poo.  
10 facts about Ernie you might not know:

1. He happily agreed to move out and live with my MIL to keep her company after FIL passed away
2. He loves to chase any toys but he grudgingly gives it back for you to throw it for him again
3. He LOVES Trader Joe's chicken and beef sticks
4. He does not shed and he is hypo-allergenic :)!!!  (I am allergic to most breeds of dogs and all cats)
5. Don't ever leave him alone with a tennis ball.  He'll eat the fuzz off until the ball is bald.
6. He is turning 6 (or 42 in doggie years) this year (his birthday is the day before mine)
7. He greets you with wild excitement and joy every time you visit
8. He whines when he gets tired and doesn't stop until you go up to sleep b/c he doesn't like to sleep alone
9. He took a plane from Iowa City to get here
10. He has never ever chewed up anyone's shoes, furniture, or valuable possessions.

He's a great dog.  I think he's forgiven me for having the girls. :)  

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