Sunday, February 12, 2012

a rough, but musical weekend

 Not very flattering picture, but I want to remember how she naturally always puts her tongue out to "eat" the snowflakes. No one taught her to do this, so it makes me laugh when I see her do it.  
 Munchkin occasionally asks DH for guitar lessons.  

 I posted a video on FB of this one.  She's such a little ham. 

Thursday the girls' school sent a mass email reminding parents to keep sick children at home.  
Unfortunately, we found out why that message was sent.  Munchkin #1 vomitted about 10 times between Thursday evening and early this morning.  Poor, poor child.  In between she managed to regain strength enough to pick up her pink guitar and make her classmates butterfly valentines.  We also got to visit my parents again. Please excuse the crazy outfits.   

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  1. OH NO! not the vomits! Hope she's better and noone else gets it. That picture of the guitar lesson is priceless...